Software Engineering

We test fundamental Computer Science, including Algorithms and Data Structures. Further, we conduct specialized interviews, e.g. for Back-End, Front-End, Mobile Development, Object-Oriented and System Design.

Data Science

We interview for specific technologies, e.g. Spark, Pandas, A/B testing and Stats, or more general topics, such as Big Data Architectures and ETL. We customize the interview format and reporting to address your requirements.

Machine Learning

Our interviews cover full-stack machine learning model development, including: cold start, initial model design, data collection, alternative model architectures (classical and deep learning), training, runtime optimizations and deployment.

How it works

  1. 1. You send us a brief description of the role and requirements.

  2. 2. We propose the interview format and content. We welcome further discussion and make refinements to meet your objectives.

  3. 3. Candidates schedule interviews directly with us.

  4. 4. We conduct live interviews using online code execution environment and a collaborative whiteboard.

  5. 5. The interviews can be recorded upon demand.

  6. 6. We ensure transparent and consistent evaluation of the candidates and submit a report within 2 hours after each interview.

  7. 7. The candidates are provided a link to submit feedback about their experience which goes directly to you.

Benefits of outsourcing interviews to SkillAcuity...

Scale Hiring

Increase your technical screen capacity without sacrifying your teams productivity or candidates expereience.

Get Transparent Reports

We work with you to adjust the tested skillset and the report format. You get clarity about candidates abilities and their ranking.

Reduce Costs

Our rates are adjusted based on the type, length and volume of the interviews and make it cost effective to outsource techincal screening.

About us

Based in Seattle, we are a team of engineers and data scientists with experience of conducting thousands of technical interviews, including at top tech companies. We are passinate about interviewing and building the interviewing process. We take this process as the baseline and decorate it with requirements for a particular role. Highly consistent and scalable, the interviewing process enables precision in measuring candidates technical abilities. We continuously refine it with objective to help our clients achieve their hiring goals predictably on budget, while preserving pleasant human interaction for the candidates.



Our interviewers have experience conducting technical interviews at...




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